Commemoration group with Mayor Mike Duggan

Commemoration group with Mayor Mike Duggan.  Left to Right: Don Young, Stephanie Chang, Rochelle Riley, Michael Duggan, Rebeka Islam, James Shimoura, Zosette Guir, Helen Zia, Roland Hwang, Wendy Jackson.  (Photo by Roland Hwang)

Purpose of ACJ is to:

  • Protect the civil and human rights of all individuals as its primary concern, with particular interest with regards to Asian Americans
  • Eradicate discrimination in society based upon race, creed, color, sex, or national origin
  • Promote understanding between all social and ethnic groups
  • Build relationships and communication with groups and individuals who believe in fair treatment for all people
  • Support individuals and groups who seek justice by our governmental and judicial systems through positive, non-violent means
  • Promote, sponsor, and encourage programs, projects, and activities designed to encourage members to uphold the principle of the organization, and faithfully discharge their duties and obligations under the constitution and laws of the United States of America